Take A Chance Tuesday – 2nd Edition

After a week off, Take A Chance Tuesday is back on schedule.

Since many found the first challenge far too onerous for their busy lives, let’s try something (I hope is…) easier and you don’t even have to leave the blog to accomplish it.

In the comments below, name the top 5 books that, in your opinion, defines your primary genre or niche, and write a one or two sentence reason why you feel the book is essential. (i.e. The books that are most like what your write yourself)

Be sure to include-

  • Title of the Book
  • Author’s Name (Real or Pen name, if applicable)
  • All kid and teen friendly genres eligible
  • You can nominate adult books so long as they are not erotic in nature (We try to say a soft PG-13 around here)

Be personal, and yes, I will disqualify entries if they go over two sentences per book.

Deadline: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 at NOON EST

Do your best, and until next time,

Take a chance!

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