Take A Chance Tuesday – 1st Edition

I know today’s Wednesday, but I had too much to do offline to get it up yesterday, so bear with me a moment. Every week (On Tuesdays from now on!), I’ll post a new  writing challenge prompt, and you have only until next Tuesday to finish, and report your findings.

I’ll discuss the submission part in a moment, bur first it’s time to reveal this week’s challenge-

Since writers are at varying stages of the process, you’ll have a choice of two challenges, you can do only one, or both if you really want to get ambitious.

Challenge #1: To celebrate revision week on my new favorite blog of the moment (Dear Editor) your challenge is to take a chapter from your WIP novel, and try to shorten it to half it’s current length.

Challenge #2: Write a one page letter in the voice of your main character or antagonist.

Since I got this up a day late, I’ll give you until next Thursday before Noon EST to finish, and you don’t have to share the work on the blog.

To enter, all you need to do is post in the comments below, state your first name or pen/nickname if easy to remember and fairly short, and which challenge you’re taking on, or both if you’re the ambitious type.

Next Thursday, BEFORE Noon EST, go back to the first “Take A Chance Tuesday” post, and comment on how you did with the challenge. Whether you succeeded, or not, and why.

Share anything and everything you learned.

T.A.A. is about celebrating success and rising above stumbles along the way.

NOTE: After this week, all Take A Chance challenges must be completed by the following Tuesday.

The reason I don’t ask to submit your results to the blog is twofold. First, especially for new writers, it’s easier to acknowledge our growth (However fast or slow) when we don’t get overly competitive towards others, since not everyone needs or responds well to heated competition when they’re struggling to learn new skills.

Second, theses challenges are meant to help writers build their own sense of progress, rather than use other writers as a yardstick for excellence, since unless you know your process naturally gels with another writer, especially if you’re in a hands-on critique group, you can make yourself insane trying to work out if this is general info you need or  is just one writer’s subjective preference they make work fine for that writer, but will do more harm than good if you employ similar counsel.

I want to help writers learn to better trust their own judgement, because the better judge you can be to you, the more civil and impartial you can be toward others when you critique their work, and be able to provide better feedback to them.

Do your best, and until next time,
Take A Chance!


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  • Very interesting challenges. If I wasn’t deep into a new WIP, I’d take you up on this.

  • Not to worry, Kelly, they’ll be other challenges. Some easier then others, depending on the writer.

    Besides, writers at different levels of their journey need different things, and you sound you know what more or less works for you, while some folks like me still are figuring that out.


  • What a great and fun idea for challenges. I can’t participate this time but maybe next time!

  • Thanks for stopping by, Allyn, I do appreciate it.

    Okay, I get that a lot of you are busy out there, but that’s what makes this a challenge, and I hope someone will take this challenge on, just posting regularly was a challenge for me, and I missed Thursday, but I still posted more in the last few days that I did all of last year, so let’s see some more enthusiasm.

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the drop by comments, but if you can’t take part in the challenge, to loosely quote a friend of mine “Focus on the positive, and don’t let the negative make you appear negative.”

    I’d like you and others I know to join in the challenges with me, but if you can’t, fine, but you’re not exactly giving people the guts to go for it with stating you’re too busy to take part, and I’d like to see some gumption, from someone, anyone.

    That is all,

    P.S. Sorry if I sound hostile, I’m really not, but I just want to bring some lifein this blog after two years of irregular updates due to my fears, ups and downs in my own life.