Swinebert Swaggers In!

Yo, Chicks and Chickies! 

I’m Swinebert, one of the new faces on T.A.A. 

Well, I haven’t uploaded my photo yet, but I will, just trying to find a good one.

As the Boss (Taurean) told you in his last regular post, I’ll be helping him out by contributing to T.A.A. 

But not to worry, he’ll be back, eventually, and I’m not just a temp fill-in. I’m part of the new forming staff here, and even with the Boss Rat on pilgrimage leave, we’ll be communicating offline on how T.A.A. will make the rest of 2012 a more fun experience for you faithful and patent pals who’ve enjoyed the earnest yet emotional roller coaster we’ve been riding so far.

I met Taurean the first time a few months ago, out of respect I won’t get too personal, but let’s just say he gave the phrase “Compulsive Eater” a new meaning. 

Quickly, I saw he was a guy after me own heart, not that I swing that way, mind you. (LOL!)

Anyway, he told me and my pal Dempsey about his blog and we knew we had to get in on this. 

After learning of his recent writer-related trauma, he asked me Dempsey to fill in for him while he takes the time to overcome his ordeal. We both agreed, and I’m first up to introduce myself.

Check back tomorrow with another update from me. Dempsey and the other new folks on T.A.A. will be arriving throughout the next few weeks.

Hoggishly Yours,

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  • Nice to meet you. Glad to see T.A.A. shan’t be going anywhere. :-) Looking forward to more posts from you, and the mysterious Dempsey.

  • Pleased to meet you, Swinebert. Looking forward to seeing what you and the others contribute to T.A.A.