Poll Results and Giveaway Updates

EDIT – 8.23.11: Poll results error fixed, first of two new weekly polls up!

This will be a short update today, but I’ve got some really cool stuff planned, and now with WriteOnCon behind us (I still have many transcripts to read) I will be more active in the blogosphere, 

New Polls will be up soon, I had some computer hiccups that have ironed themselves out.
Here are the results from last week’s polls-
Writer’s Only Poll Results
I asked you what age group tries your soul the most, or to be less dramtic, what’s harder or scarier for you to write with the skill you have, or lack, depending…We were split down the middle!
Young Adult 25%
Middle Grade 25% 
Picture Books 25% 
Chapter Books/Easy Readers 25%
It would’ve been more thrilling had more than one person voted per category….(Sigh)….Anyway, hopefully this is a good reminder that what’s fun for some is frustration to others, and I sure need weekly reminders as I’m easily frustrated.Thankfully, my other poll saw more diversity-
Poll #2: Exotic Pets!
In the second weekly poll, I asked what exotic pet you’d LOVE to have if life, the law, and family weren’t instant deterrents, and I’m glad there were varied answers here-

Tied for 1st Place!
Horse or Pony (If your home’s on the range, well, it never hurts to ask, right?)
2 Votes (33%)
Parrot (Treat them well and they could outlive you! Some parrots can live nearly 100 years, the same as some turtle species. Besides, they can talk!)
2 Votes (33%)

Tie for 2nd Place!
Pot-Belly Pig (How can you not love their natural Mohawk? Works better on them than me)
 1 Vote (16%)


Ferret (As close to a weasel a non-vet can get)

1 Vote (!6%)
Tied for 3rd with 0 Votes, Sorry Guys-
Snake (Any kind that can be legally a pet)
Skunk (Smell concerns aside, they really are cute, Mother Nature thew us a paradox in a big way with this one!)

New Polls!

8-16-1/Edit: Misspelled e-mail address below!

Sorry guys, I forgot to put up my poll yesterday, but it’s up now, and from now on, they’ll be two major polls each week. One poll will always involve animals and pets given the nature of this blog, the new poll you now see at the top of this blog will be writer specific. I’m trying to get this blog to work on two levels, for writers of course, but also readers and animal lovers in general. This is the start of my doing that.

Here are the results of March’s Poll*

4-Way Tie for 1st
25% Weasel
25% Fox
25% Platypus
25% Crow
3-Way Tie with no votes, Sorry Guys-
Coyote 0%
Leopard 0%
Swan 0%
Wolf  0%

*(These polls are meant to be weekly updated, but I had some downtime  that prevent me from updating weekly polls in the past)

Stay tuned for the next post where you can win either a $20 Barnes and Noble E-Gift Card, or a
$10 iTunes Gift Card.

Back soon,

P.S. I also forgot to mention how to best contact me, I’ll have the contact info page up soon, but here’s the e-mail address-