Musical Musings #4 (Top 10 Jazz and Rock ) + Feel Good

This week, I’ll share my favorite single songs* from various bands or artists from wide range of musical styles. 

*Note: Songs listed are not necessarily  from single albums but rather particular songs from a larger standard albums, unless otherwise stated.

Now on with this week’s song picks-

Top 10 Jazz Singles

1. Sunlight (*Single) by Esperanza Spalding 

2. “The Trumpet Child” by Over The Rhine (From the album, The Trumpet Child)

3. “Hard Times” (By The Crusaders From Old Socks, New Shoes)

4. “Prelude For Lovers” (By Fourplay feat. Esperanza Spalding From Energy)

5. “Way Back Home” (By The Crusaders From Old Socks, New Shoes)

6. “Bemsha Swing” by The Caribbean Jazz Project (From the Album, The Gathering)

7. “If The Stars Were Mine”[Orchestral Version] by Melody Gardot (From the album, My One and Only Thrill)

8. “Your Heart Is As Black As Night” (by Melody Gardot – My One and Only Thrill)

9. -I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’- (Performed by Brian Wilson from the album Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin)

Top 10 Rock Songs

1. “Munasawagi No After School” by LINDBERG (From the album, LINDBERG VI)

2. “Skies So Blue” by The Rocket Summer (From the album, Calendar Days)

3. “A Voice In the Dark” by Elvis Costello (From the album, National Ransom)

4. “A Slow Drag With Josephine” by Elvis Costello (From the album, National Ransom)

5. “Summersong” by The Decemberists (From the album, The Crane Wife)

6. “Onegai Kamisama Dream Come True” by LINDBERG (From the album, LINDBERG VI)

7. “Be My Valentine” by LINDBERG (From the album, LINDBERG VI)

8. “My Half Broken Radio” by LINDBERG (From the album, LINDBERG VII)

9. “Love On the Border” by LINDBERG (From the album, LINDBERG VII)

10. “Welcome to my Life” by Melissa Ferrick (From the album, Valentine Heartache)

Top 10 Feel Good Songs

1. “Country Roads” by Olivia Newton-John (Originally by John Denver)

2. “Streetcorner Symphony” by Rob Thomas (From the album, Something To Be)

3. “Sailing On The Tide” by The Carpenters (From the album, Voice Of The Heart)

4. “Power of Two” by The Indigo Girls (From the album, Retrospective)

5. “The 59th Street Bridge Song” [Feelin’ Groovy] – by Simon & Garfunkel (From the album, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme)

6. “Beautiful Life” by Fisher (From the album, The Lovely Years)

7. “On the Sunny Side of the Street” [Live At the Crescendo] by Ella Fitzgerald (From the album, Twelve Nights In Hollywood -Live-)

8. Today is Your Day (*Single) –  by Shania Twain

9. “Those Good Old Dreams” – by The Carpenters (From the album Made in America and the compilation album: Singles: 1969-1981) 

10. “New Orleans” (*Single) by Emmylou Harris

Share your top ten song recommendations in the comments below. 

That’s it for Musical Musings. Next week the regular in-depth review format returns. (I promise for real this time!)
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