• Kathe

    Just wondering who created this illustration … is it in a children’s book?

    • No, I found it on a site for clip art (Places like Pixabay.com with images in the public domain). I theme my “Weekly Readings” posts with animals reading a book or near a book. I lost the url where I found this particular one)

      • Kathe

        Thanks … I want to use it in an art project and need to make certain that I am not heading into copyright trouble. If you have any further thoughts on where you might have found it I’d love to hear them!

        • I can relate. I didn’t use images other than photos I’ve taken solely for this reason. But the “Reading Puppy” like my other images is safe. I found it on many copyright-free clip art directories and is used by many bloggers.

          Just do a Google image search for “dog reading a book stock image” and you’ll find it in any size you need.

          Hope that helps.