Weekly Readings II

Weekly Readings 2

Since my first “Weekly Readings” was such a hit (Judging from comments) I decided to do it again, though my regular (More “Epic” reviews) will return, here are some of the books I’ve been reading-      

 Ebb & Flo and the Baby Seal

  “Ebb & Flo and the Baby Seal” by Jane Simmons

I first learned of these charming characters not from books, but rather from a series of animated shorts as a kid (The theme song is still stuck in my head–all these years later), and it wasn’t until my trip to the library last week that I FINALLY dove into one of the books titled above. It’s as charming as the cover implies. That said, this is a story to be savored, and moves at a gentle pace.  

So, if your inner child (Or children you know) demands a more frenetic story, this might not cut it, but if your kid or inner youth can embrace a slower tale—Ebb and Flo will delight.  

Only One Woof

    “Only One Woof” by James Herriot  


This book falls under two distinct categories- The “Oldie but Goodie” award, and the “Time Efficient Parent’s WORST Nightmare!” prize.   


I know many authors and readers today loathe text-heavy picture books. Nevertheless, this is a story worth the extra ten (or so) minutes. Especially for all you dog lovers. Myself included.



While I’d LOVE to tell you why this book is worth the “Extra” words, I risk spoiling the story if I do, but I will say this- It’s a shame these types of picture books are now the way of the dodo and $1 per gallon for gasoline.



In my opinion, this is the canine version of “Leo the Late Bloomer” but with a twist, and one you must read for yourself to believe.


Illustrations here are warm and inviting, but not too precious, and the prose has an inherent “Just like Grandpa used to tell ’em” quality when read-aloud.


This is the kind of story that, in my opinion, being Ultra-Minimalist would’ve cheapened the experience.


    “Zoozical” by Judy Sierra Illustrated by Marc Brown

Let me just say this right off: this is a story in verse, and rhymes, but as someone who tried to write in rhyme and failed, I can attest the rhyme here WORKS. 


Also, with the exception of the made up word  “Zoozical”(Zoo + Musical) all other the rhymes are of real words.   

Of course, you can’t go wrong with illustrations from Marc Brown, but the use of wordplay and rhyming stanzas are funny and those who  write picture books knows full well this style of verse is “Deceptive Simplicity” on the author’s part, and Judy, you nailed it. Recommended for the young thespian in your life.  


That’s all for now. Until next time, May the Fantastical Fauna be with you.   If my ramblings convinced you to buy one or more of the books mentioned above, please support T.A.A. by clicking on the affiliate cover images above.

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