Anniversary and a BIG Announcement!


Talking Animal Addicts



Cupcakes for me!
Photo Courtesy of Kupcake_Killer

It was 3 years ago today I began Talking Animal Addicts, and like my haphazard attempts in NaNoWriMo, I jumped into the world of blogging blind, but unlike NaNo, I’ve made better strides on the blogging, infrequent and wishy-washy as my blogging’s been this year. Thanks to those of you who took the time to comment and spread the word.

While I’m still on hiatus, there are some big things happening at T.A.A. for 2013, and today I’m announcing the first big step.

After much thought, I’ve decided to move T.A.A. from Blogger, to a self-hosted WordPress platform, so I can better customize the experience with the loyal supporters of this blog, and attract a wider audience and while I tried to have the relaunch done by today, it’s taking more time than I hoped, so bare with me if the blog has some serious downtime. I’ll announce the stable re-launch on the
T.A.A. Twitter Feed so please follow it to know when the re-launch hits.

I’ll have more to report in January. 
Have a safe and joyous holiday.

Until Next Year,
May The Fantastical Fauna Be With You
Taurean (Your Frazzled yet Unflappable Literary Rat)