New Polls!

8-16-1/Edit: Misspelled e-mail address below!

Sorry guys, I forgot to put up my poll yesterday, but it’s up now, and from now on, they’ll be two major polls each week. One poll will always involve animals and pets given the nature of this blog, the new poll you now see at the top of this blog will be writer specific. I’m trying to get this blog to work on two levels, for writers of course, but also readers and animal lovers in general. This is the start of my doing that.

Here are the results of March’s Poll*

4-Way Tie for 1st
25% Weasel
25% Fox
25% Platypus
25% Crow
3-Way Tie with no votes, Sorry Guys-
Coyote 0%
Leopard 0%
Swan 0%
Wolf  0%

*(These polls are meant to be weekly updated, but I had some downtime  that prevent me from updating weekly polls in the past)

Stay tuned for the next post where you can win either a $20 Barnes and Noble E-Gift Card, or a
$10 iTunes Gift Card.

Back soon,

P.S. I also forgot to mention how to best contact me, I’ll have the contact info page up soon, but here’s the e-mail address-