The Daily Squeak (Week of 4/2/12)

Hi All,

A new week, and a new look for T.A.A. Please let me know in the comments what you think of the new design, if something hard to read or access.

Also, welcome to “The Daily Squeak.” Since my posting’s been erratic as life offline and non-blog writing is getting hard to balance, I’ll use The Daily Squeak to update you on new posts and features on T.A.A. I will still try to meet my original schedule deadlines, but if not, The Daily Squeak will keep you from missing new posts and future contests and giveaways, which is another reason to follow T.A.A. on Facebook (Twitter Coming Soon!), and follow me at my Google+ page.

I updated the Future Headlines section.
There’s a new “Letter from The Editor, which I’ll do regularly once a month, versus separatism as I’d done before, since they take a bit of time. Hope you like this month’s one.

Musical Musings may be a bit late, but it will be a review this time, as per our usual format.

Ciao for now.