Random Wednesday (5/30/12)

Random Wednesday is back. Once a week, I share some of my favorite sites, blogs and the like, that may more may not do with writing.  This week though, I’m going to have some writing related things to share, by highlighting some of the blogs posts I found helpful and informative during my recent long (and unplanned…) abstinence from blogging.

The World Crafter: Starting in the Right Place: Learn how my writer friend Katrina (Cat) take on an all too common problem for any writer, but especially for fantasy or non-plot centric writers.

Writer’s First Aid: Quantity vs. Quality: Big Issue for Today’s Writer: If you need further convincing about what I feel is becoming a serious issue for unpublished writers today really isn’t a “newbie rant thing” maybe what ICL instructor and established author Kristi Holl has to say might add more needed weight to the discussion.

Adreienn Kress, The Temp, The Actress, and The Writer: You Are Not A Fraud: One of my early mentors on the writer’s path reiterates something we all struggle to embrace, but need to for our sanity if nothing else. We may not always agree, but our commitment to writing’s same, it’s worth checking out more on her blog, just be warned, she’s more pragmatic and realist in her approach to writing than I am, and that’s not a negative, just something to keep in mind.

Sometimes the best advice to the problem is presented in a “less than ideal” approach for our personality type, which in this case, is self-doubt.

Also, Here’s My Wish List for Nonfiction and Reference Books I want this summer!

That’s it for Random Wednesday. Next week, I’ll share what’s on my summer reading list this year, since I’m going to make reading more in general a high priority after a difficult start to 2012.

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  • Glad you’re back, neat post. That’s a chunk of dictionary on your list.

    • Glad to be back, Rick. Yes, I’ve been eyeing the American Dictionary of the English Language (1828 Facsimile Edition), for a long time, my old dictionary’s falling apart, and is over ten years old.

      It’s nice to have a few physical reference materials that don’t need batteries or plugging in, you know? I figure if I’m going to invest in a textbook, invest in a solid one.