Musical Musings #1.5 (Special Cheer Up Edition)

Sorry I was MIA last week, lots of non-writing related, as well writing related snafus brought me down, and the blog, along with my new WIP novel suffered because of it.

I won’t say much now to avoid a rant that helps neither you nor me, so instead, here’s a video I hope will lift your spirits, as it does mine. (All you die hard realists, the following video might be seen as sappy and too cute to exist, but some of us need it to avoid being drunks or bitter old sticks in the mud, okay?)

Everyone else, enjoy! 

Ciao for now,

P.S. Don’t worry, there will be a proper Musical Musings review later this week if not today, but until things improve on my end, my posts will be late at times, but I will update some this week.

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  • It’s great that music helps you so much. I find when I’m sad I like music to comfort me. There’s something about it that really does help.

  • Thanks for sharing, Kelly; it’s nice to know someone else who’s comforted by music. I picked the video in today’s post because I think the song is beautiful, even if you can’t understand Japanese, I mean there many people who love opera and those songs are often either in Italian, Russian or Spanish, at least the ones I know of, so this seems the same concept to me. I dare you to listen and either nor want to sing along or cry. I’ve done both listening to it over the weekend.

  • I love this. It’s so pretty.

    You’re right, I love opera, so I don’t care what language a song is in so long as the music speaks to me. This music is definitely speaking!

  • Cat, I’m glad I’m not the only one gets that connection.

    Some people just don’t “Get” or want to appreciate the music if it has lyrics in a language they don’t innately understand. Imagine if Stravinsky’s compositions had Russian lyrics, so many people would miss out on great music if they let language be too much a barrier. A lot of my family’s like that. They get paralyzed by the lyrics if they’re not in English, but whatever, I appreciate music from anywhere so long as it speaks to me, and for songs or artists/bands I really like, I’ll gladly hunt for the English translation of the lyrics if available, just to get the context if I’m interested.

    That said, it is nice to hear moving lyrics in your native language, and have the extra level of understanding not just the words that make up the lyrics, but the context that make one song different from another, the Albums I reviewed in the first Musical Musings two weeks ago are solid proof of that.

  • That is so beautiful and inspiring, even though I couldnt understand a word of it. Thanks for that!