Breaking News on T.A.A.

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long. I really missed coonversing with my fellow writers of animal tales, but I had some family emergencies that took me away from the blog. Nothing life-threatning, but serious enough to keep me away from the blog, on top of that I had severe internet problems.

Also, I’m using a relative’s laptop to get my writing done and update the blog, and a saving up for the new computer I need/want will take a while.

But the biggest reason is that I let plain ol’ impatience get the better of me. I had to take a real hard look at myself and what moves me forward as a writer, both professionally and creatively.

Now I’ve figured some of that out so I’ll get back to regular blog posts again.

But I haven’t just been depressed during my long absence in the blog world, I’ve also been working on some cool new additions to T.A.A. that I’ll be able to reveal in the coming days, and two new contests with fab prizes, and I’ll also update the new deadlines for the T.A.A. Prose and Poetry Slam that was delayed due to lack of entries and my lack of getting the word out.

See you all again real soon, promise.

Until then,
May the fantastic fauna be with you,


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  • Good for you getting back on track! I think losing focus happens to all of us writers from time to time. I’m glad you’ve made your way back!

  • Thanks Allyn,
    I appreciate you takign the time to comment.

    It does help my morale to know I’m not the only writer who’s felt stuck in similar matter as myself.

    I’m still kind of lost, but I’ll find my way again, I’m a lot of things I’m not proud of, but a quitter will not be one of them.

    But my self-confidence has been on life support at times.