About T.A.A.

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My name is Taurean Watkins, founder, editor-in-chief and
“The Literary Rat”
“Talking Animal Addicts.”
I live in Detroit, MI,
and a self-apprenticed 
children’s writer.

The Blog

I created “Talking Animal Addicts” (T.A.A. for Short) to show the real

depth and variety in this genre BEYOND picture



For serious readers and writers who have no problems suspending


My Mission

To entertain, educate, and inspire writers who love what they do, work

hard to achieve their goals, and be a listening ear who understands what

their non-writer friends and family may not get about their craft.


You can also e-mail me at Taury-AT-TalkingAnimalAddicts.com
(Please write either “To Taurean” or “To Taury” in your
subject line, to avoid spam filters keeping it out of my inbox)